"Berlin Leder and Fetisch e.V." was founded on April 16th 1998. Our goal was and still is to build a community for all gay men who are interested in the leather and fetish scene (rubber, uniform, biker, skin...). BLF is a registered non-profit association.

We deliberately put the words leather and fetish into the name. With its dynamic development in the past years the leather scene has created the possibility to live one's own fetish as a gay man nearly everywhere. The leather and fetish scene has continued to grow enormously over the past years. Therefore, we are open for any masculine fetish.


The BLF has members from all of Germany, from Europe and Amerika. Everyone Volunteers can activ involved by many activities and events. Our members are volunteers and represent almost all fetishes. Each one lives his own fetish but all come together in the club: bikers, skins, rubber guys, sneaker lovers, leather and boot guys, doggys and handler enthusiasts form a tolerant (and really great) community.



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The BLF has joined the project "Safety 4 Free" in 2008. An action of ManCheck (www.mancheck-berlin.de) for HIV prevention in the community. The members of the Berlin leather and fetish e. V. undertake to connect all parties and events with the call to SAFER SEX and to make condoms available.

2012, the BLF released in cooperation with the Order of perpetual indulgence (Berlin) and the local WOOF an educational flyer on "Crystal Meth"!


2015, the BLF released an information-flyer with manCheck.


BLF organises not only events and meetings for leather and fetish enthusiasts but is also engaged in social matters inside and outside the club. Our club also helps members with social problems, the integration of gay men in society, as well as help with any problems that may result from disease such as AIDS, hepatitis. BLF does its best to offer assistance and support in such occasions.


Every year - our association donates the proceeds of the Easter Goulash with O.S.P.I. an amount to a charity-project. This donation will be officially handed over during the champagne reception on FOLSOM EUROPE fetish street-fair!


You can find pictures and more information here about our social commitment and activities. Our social representative offers consultation and assistance for any questions and problems whether it is personal or connected with authorities or social security etc. Privacy, of cousre, is ensured.