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Dear Fetish-Friends.

Just before New Year's Eve celebrates Berlin the 4rd. Fetish Finals.


Get hot and bothered by the horny smell of leather, rubber, sportswear, worker-wear and sweat lingering in the air. Fetish freaks of every kind, being turned on and by the music and letting their pig sides run free.


It all gets going right after Christmas and before every event there’ll also be a Meet&Greet with sparkling and/or mulled wine as well as various special offers in diverse shops.


For the first time we also invite you on this last days in 2016 to a RUBBER-PARTY.


The main event is the "FAST - FETISH BASTARDS BERLIN" – the sexy party in FACTORY by CONNECTION. Work it up on the dancefloor to the beats of our resident DJs, and dance till the sun comes up. Dancefloor upstairs, playroom downstairs, sexy guys everywhere.




26-30 DECEMBER 2017